MEMPHIS, Tenn. —- People love smartphones and social media, to the point where recent research shows that young people are not developing good social skills, conversation skills, or empathy skills— all of which are related to listening and are important for success in life and on the job.   Much of this is a result of the increased poor use of technology in our day-to-day communications.

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Hello Educators,

Who knew—that this year we would need better listening around the world even more than last year?   Not only are our students spending more time on social media sites, they are becoming more addicted to their smartphones, and their communication and social skills are declining.  But adults also seem to have forgotten how to have a “civil” disagreement.  We see more adults yelling their opinions at each, insulting each other, and even using violence to silence the other side.

As a world, we can do better.

Please download this Press Release and make a difference!  Do something to promote better listening and help us become better humans by participating in the International Day of Listening.


IDL PR 2018 for Educators