2019 theme “Be bold! Listen for common ground”

We’re designing a series of activities that will lead up to and help you prepare to participate in International Day of Listening on September 19, 2019.

Every month there will be suggested activities that you can participate in on the following dates:

– Wednesday, June 19 –


– Friday, July 19 –



– Monday, August 19 –



– Thursday, September 19, 2019 (International Day of Listening)



These activities help people learn not only how to listen to find common ground, but also experience the benefits of finding common ground in promoting positive relationships and also laying some groundwork for more challenging situations, such as resolving conflicts and solving difficult problems, or just even having productive conversations about polarizing issues. 
Even large groups can often find something they have in common.  Sometimes the group members are aware of a huge difference among them, and have trouble getting past that difference, so they haven’t even explored what they might have in common.
Sometimes these differences can create a chasm between people that they have difficulty moving away from or moving forward.  They often don’t pursue finding commonalities because they have this BIG difference. 
These activities create a lot of positive energy and a kind of feel-good atmosphere.  The goal is to find some element of common ground—no matter how insignificant.   The point is not what they find in common, but how these activities affect their relationship and their interactions.