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4th ILA International Day of Listening


This year’s IDL theme is based on listening first for similarities – what we have in common. That’s what we mean by “listen for common ground”. Once two people have found common ground and priorities (and are surprised by the number of them), it is far easier to discuss differences, points of disagreement or conflict, in a mature and respectful way.

We’ll help you to achieve this goal.

Below is a description of suggested activities for preparing for this year’s IDL.

June 19:  Partner with another person, introduce yourselves, and then find three things you have in common—just a get-to-know-you or become better acquainted activity that serves as a base for the next date.

July 19:  Small groups or a larger group should focus on what they have in common regarding a not-too-controversial topic.  So, it could be members of the first groups from June 19 getting together to address a mildly controversial topic, such as choosing a family vacation or setting a group goal, or discussing improvements to the break room at work, or selecting a community project, etc.

August 19:  Discussion of what group members (maybe from previous group meetings) have in common regarding a controversial topic, such as immigration, healthcare, taxes, business issues, community issues, family issues, personal issues, or other real problems.  But rather than getting right to where the disagreements are, the group lays a groundwork of values, characteristics, goals, etc., that they share (i.e., “We all want to solve this problem,” or “We all want to improve access to healthcare.)

September 19 (IDL)Discussion of a controversial topic—exploring solutions—based on what we have in common.  On this day, we get down to the meat of the issue.  Start with what we have in common and then explore where the differences are, how can we solve the problem in a way that considers both sides, how can we mitigate any negative impacts that the solutions might have, etc.   The goal will be to create real solutions to real (and difficult and complex) problems.

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