2020 Theme: Listen with Empathy

Days until 5th ILA International Day of Listening








How to participate?

Stress and conflict can lead to our shutting down our ability to listen empathically—often at a time when empathy is truly needed.  This year’s International Day of Listening focuses on helping people become more effective empathic listeners.

The next four months will introduce a four-step process and provide a series of webinars/presentations and informative materials to help you develop empathic listening skills.  

International Day of Listening Schedule of Events:

May 28: Introduction to the Empathy Process: Sheila Bentley and Margarete Imhof

June 18:  Recognize and Identify Emotions:  Sheila Bentley and Margarete Imhof

July 9:  Establish an Intent for Listening:   Jennie Grau

July 30:   Listen with Empathy:  Graham Bodie

August 20:   Respond with an Appropriate Empathic Response:  Lori Joubert and Krishna Naineni

September 3:   Planning an Activity for International Day of Listening:  Sheila Bentley and Margarete Imhof

September 17:  International Day of Listening:  Listen with Empathy Activities



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