What you could help IDL with


Human resources
There are still not enough people in the Committee to coordinate everything so the few of us sub for any position that has not been taken yet. You immediately see that we need more people if we want the IDL to be a truly significant and international event.
Financial resources
As from the beginning of IDL, everyone in the Committee works pro bono.
We were functioning with $1’500 to cover the expenses for 2016-17-18. In 2019 we had $100 to make it happen.
We need money to spread the information throughout the whole world, to develop an efficient and attractive website where participants can exchange their experiences, to pay for an online collaborative workspace, to pay for ads online or on real media.
Just one example: the IDL website annual cost is $280.

Thank you for any human or financial contribution you can make!

Human contribution
Just drop us a message by any IDL channel
Financial contribution
Please use the button below
In the ILA form “Designation for donation” box, please write “IDL”

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