International Day of Listening 2021





Theme : Listen To Connect

Ways To Participate ?


1. Check the events menu to see what Mini-Course Sessions might be of interest to you and help you to prepare for the International Day of Listening.

2. Explore the Listening Moments tab in the Menu.

3. Create some of your own Listening Moments. 

4. Read through the How to Participate/Planning Your Event instructions. Create some practice sessions.

5. Try some of the techniques suggested in the Planning Worksheet, such as listen for what you have in common, or explore what you might have in common but haven’t discovered yet. Here is where the connections will start.

6. Practice echoing (restating) what someone has said, especially if it seems important to the person, or if it is something you disagree about. Again, this shows that you have shown enough respect and taken the time to make sure that you really understand the other person’s position. Consequently, they are generally more likely to be willing to listen to you!

7. Show others that you value them by taking the time to listen to them. This lays important groundwork for developing connections. It’s hard to connect with someone you won’t listen to or who won’t listen to you.

8. Begin thinking about what event you could plan for the International Day of Listening.

9. Email us at 


Be creative! Invent original events, design your own event, use unusual locations and venues, go to places where people don’t always have the facilities to communicate easily. If you don’t feel ready to tackle this year’s theme, have a friendly conversation to build a better relationship or a learning experience involving listening and apply the Ten Listening Tips to become a more effective listener.

Once you’ve planned your event:
  1. Share your plans on our pages and social media sites.
  1. Share your plans on your websites, blogs, and Social Media sites too. Use @DayofListening #dayoflistening #internationaldayoflistening #IntListening
During the event,

Document your event as much as you can, take pictures and videos, make drawings, use chat, write down or record your impressions, joys, difficulties,  all this while keeping the flow of the conversation and respecting good listener behaviors. Let us know where you posted it.

After the event,

share your experience, share on our Social Media sites too and compare with others in the world.

Make a difference!  Do something to promote better listening and help us become better humans by participating in the International Day of Listening. Let’s aim for over 100,000 participants.  (The population now is over 7.4 billion, but let’s get started!)
Get the word out through your email contacts and social media sites, and pass the website and any appropriate information on to the schools in your area, to local government, local businesses, organizations, churches, etc…
In any case, like us, follow us, make comments, share and subscribe.

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