Sponsors, Organizations, Listening Movements, Individuals…

who support the International Day of Listening by sympathy, financial and other resources



International Listening Association Belle Plaine, MN, USA www.listen.org




Listening Movements

Listen 1st Project www.listenfirstproject.org / Pearce@ListenFirstProject.org

Urban Confessional Free Listening www.urbanconfessional.org

Someone To Tell It To www.someonetotellitto.org

Nederland Luistert www.nederland-luistert.nl

Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare www.methodisthealth.org

I Love To Listen Day www.ilovetolisten.com

Listening Wisdom www.listeningwisdom.org

Listeners Unite www.listenersunite.com

Listen like a lawyer www.listenlikealawyer.com

listen4achange www.listen4achange.wordpress.com

Global Listening Center www.globallisteningcentre.org


Sheila Bentley Consulting  bentleysc@aol.com


Leaders Today Geneva, Switzerland www.leaderstoday.co

Sauce Marketing www.saucemarketing.com/

Webz Advertizing (Stakt) www.webzadvertising.com/


Associations, non-profit organizations…

Collierville Literacy Council www.colliervilleliteracy.org/



Aisling Connolly

Andrew Wolvin

Anita Dorczak

Annie Rappeport

Avi Kluger

Avinash Choudhari

Benjamin Mathes

Carole Grau

Ching Lin Huang

Corine Jansen

CP Moreau

Dana Dupuis

Dave Carver

David King

Deborah Worthington

Diana Corley Schnapp

Edie Cole

Elaine O’Mullane

Graham Bodie

Greg Enos

Molly Stoltz

Harvey Weiss

Helen Meldrum

Helen Ralston

Jean Francois Mathieu

Jennifer Grau

Jennifer Romig

Julia Van de Griendt

Justin Keeton

Kai Degner

Kathryn Christian

Kathy O’Brien

Kent Zimmerman

Kittie Watson

Laura Janusik

Lou Hampton

Margarete Imhof

Marva Shand McIntosh

Mary P. Lahman

Melissa Beal

Michael Gingerich

Michael Purdy

Michael Z. Murphy

Mohammed Alnughaimish

Molly Elizabeth Murphy

Nan Johnson-Curiskis

Pearce Godwin

Penny Aronson

Phil Tirpak

Raffaela Tanner

Ray McKely

Rick Bommelje

S.A. Welch

Saba Imru-Mathieu

Sandra Bodin Lerner

Sardool Singh

Sheila Bentley

Sherry Wein

Susan Timm

Teresa Hanlon

Tom Kaden

Tomas MacUlieagoid

Vincent Hanlon

Wayne Bond

Yara Bustami


We’re sorry if your name isn’t yet in this list. We’re tracking down everyone who participated to the IDL so far and those who are now planning or helping to plan something for this special Day.

Just let us know and we’ll add you to this list. Contact info@jfmathieu.com

We plan to have a map with your name, location and what you did or what you’re planning to do. So people could reach you and participate to your event too.

Help us to achieve this. Thank you!