10 Listening Tips Video Series

This series of videos were produced in 2017 and contain invaluable tips on how to listen. They are in English with subtitles.

As an International Day of Listening global activity you can participate in, we opened what YouTube calls “contributions” for you to enter directly your translation.

This will be a generous and tremendous addition you could do in helping people all over the world to understand and apply these Ten Listening Tips. Thank you.

Tip#10 screen capture

Sept. 18, 2017 Video

Tip#10: Respond in a way that shows that you have listened and
follow up with future actions to show that you listened.
by CP Moreau


Sandra thumbnail

Sept. 11, 2017 Video

Tip#9: Reflect back what you’ve heard if that seems appropriate
by Sandra Bodin Lerner


Tip#9 screen capture

Sept. 4, 2017 Video

Tip#8-2: Be aware cultural and age differences, as people may have different expectations
by Anita Dorczak (from Canada)


Tip#8 screen capture

Sept. 4, 2017 Video

Tip#8-1: Be aware of cultural and age differences, as people may have different expectations
by Kathy O’Brien (from Singapore)


Avi thumbnail

August 28, 2017 Video

Tip#7: Listen for the emotion behind the words
by Avi Kluger


IDL Tip#6 screen capture

August 21, 2017 Video

Tip#6: Look for verbal and nonverbal cues from the speaker
by Graham Bodie


Laura thumbnail

August 14, 2017 Video

Tip#5: Listen to understand before you respond
by Laura Janusik


Tip#4 screen capture

August 7, 2017 Video

Tip #4: Let the speaker finish before you respond
by Michael Z. Murphy and Molly Elizabeth Murphy


Debra thumbnail

July 31, 2017 Video

Tip #3: How to be an open-minded listener
by Debra Worthington


Jean Francois NEW thumbnail
July 24, 2017 Video

Tip #2: How to prepare to listen
by Jean Francois Mathieu



Sheila NEW thumbnail

July 17, 2017 Video

Tip #1: How to consciously choose to listen more and listen better
by Sheila C. Bentley