Healing Relationships through Better Listening


Plan your activity for this year’s International Day of Listening!

Be sure to tell us about the event you are planning and send photos to



Healing Relationships through Better Listening


Plan your activity for this year’s International Day of Listening!

Be sure to tell us about the event you are planning and send photos to



Healing Relationships through Better Listening


Plan your activity for this year’s International Day of Listening!

Be sure to tell us about the event you are planning and send photos to









IDL 2023 Theme: Healing Relationships through Better Listening

IDL 2023 will be held on September 21, 2023.


Healing Relationships through Better Listening

September 21, 2023

Often times the simplest answer to a problem is the most difficult to achieve. Being a good listener is no exception. Listening can be challenging at times, bringing about emotion or defensiveness that you didn’t realize even existed. Being good at listening takes effort, sincere curiosity, asking questions, having a space to converse void of distraction, and sometimes even the need to hold back your thoughts until the other side has said what they need to say.

This year’s IDL will focus on how to become a better listener as well as how doing so can contribute to healing relationships.

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Listening Tips

Check out the list of “10 Listening Tips”. In addition, there are videos that further explain and illustrate the listening tips.

Mini Course Recordings

This link takes you to the International Listening Association site, where you can access course recordings as well as gather more information on listening.

Listening Moments

Sample the recordings of a variety of things to listen to, including poetry, songs, music, speeches, podcasts, sounds of nature and more. Explore what impact these different listening experiences have on you.


Thanks to all of you who participated in the 2022 International Day of Listening! We hope you had meaningful conversations that promoted positive connections. With better connections, perhaps we can solve problems more successfully and reap the benefits of good relationships.

Let’s continue to “listen to heal”!

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Listen to Heal  September 15, 2022

The need for healing and putting things back together again is felt around the globe. In addition to a virus, divisiveness is challenging individuals, families, circles of friends, and work teams. How can we bridge the gaps that have opened and how can we bring about healing?

The 2022 IDL focused on what and how listening can contribute to bringing about the healing. We could be part of the medicine that can offer relief – for us and for those around us.

IDL 2022 was held on September 15, 2022.

Healing Relationships

Healing Divisiveness

Healing During Difficult Times

Healing through Poetry

"Most people don't listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to respond."

Stephen Covey, American Educator, Author and Businessman

"People don't listen, they just wait their turn to talk."

Chuck Palahniuk, American Freelance Journalist and Novelist

“One of the simplest paths to deep change is for the less powerful to speak as much as they listen and for the more powerful to listen as much as they speak.”

Gloria Steinem (My Life on the Road), American Feminist Journalist and Social Political Activist

"Listening is about being present, not just about being quiet."

Krista TippettPeabody Award-winning broadcaster, a National Humanities Medalist, and a New York Times bestselling author

“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say”

Bryant H. McGill, International Bestselling Author, Activist, and Social Entrepreneur

birth of the international day of listening (idl)

The International Day of Listening (IDL) was born, as many brilliant ideas, at a dinner table! Sheila Bentley came up with the idea of a special day to promote #listening in the world and bring interest to the #InternationalListeningAssociation (ILA).

The IDL is a one-day event that is sponsored by the International Listening Association (ILA) and was initiated in 2016. The IDL takes place the third Thursday of September each year. The day promotes a variety of events from one-on-one conversations with friends and family to business or community meetings to governments and their citizens talking about mutual concerns.

Sheila Bentley, Ph.D. (U.S.A.)

Co-Chair IDL 2021

Consultant, Bentley Consulting

P  +1 901-210-7053

Margarete Imhof (Germany)

Co-Chair IDL 2021

Professor, Dr. at Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

P  +49 6131 393 9173

Dr. Krishna Naineni (England)

Co-Chair of IDL 2021

Jugal Bhatt (India)

IDL Intern

2nd Year MBBS, GMERS Gotri Medical College, Vadodara.


To increase awareness of the value of listening and provide resources to help people develop better listening skills and strategies.


To promote better listening in our conversations that lead to better relationships and solutions to problems that will help make us better humans.


To foster better listening in all phases of life, in all contexts, and all around the world. The International Day of Listening will be recognized throughout the world as one of the main events for the promotion of listening.

The International Day of Listening is strongly backed by an enormous base of knowledge, The International Listening Association. Since 1979 ILA founders and members have been totally dedicated to advocating that listening skills are the key to becoming better humans and building a better civilization together.

The International Listening Association (ILA) is a professional organization consisting of a network of people committed to the development of effective listening in professional and personal lives. We are involved in listening in education, business, healthcare, hospitality, music and many other fields. We promote the study of listening, exchange information and pursue research into the ways in which listening can develop understanding in our personal, political, social and working lives. The International Listening Association serves as a dialogue space, a resource network, a news source and an international community – our members are working in more than 19 countries across the globe.

For more information about the International Listening Association visit: