IDL Special Access

Taylor & Francis, the publisher of the International Journal of Listening supports the celebration of the International Day of Listening 2020 and offers free access to a set of articles during the month of September 2020. Among the selected papers you find the top Altmetric paper by Weger et al. (2014) who received increased attention in times when the need for information on how to listen and speak with empathy was growing during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Papers were selected from the International Journal of Listening, sponsored by the International Listening Association, and from Sound Studies. Free access is granted from Sept. 1 through Sept. 30, 2020.

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Overhearing (in) Touch of Evil and The Conversation: from “real time” surveillance to its recording.

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Teaching or not teaching empathic listening to future physicians? Historical roots and ongoing challenges.

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Listening across the ages: Measuring generational listening differences with the LCI-R.

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Listening goals and parasocial relationships: How listening styles impact the development of parasocial relationships with media personas.

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Listening to Frankenstein.

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