Last year, more than three hundred people were committed to participate or plan an event!
Many more have been reached and have understood the importance, the joys and the challenges of being a compassionate and effective listener.

Please let us know as soon as possible what you intend to do during this Day. We’ll announce it so your commitment will inspire and encourage people in the world to get ready to participate to this unique movement!


The idea is to have every one of us spending at least a listening-conscious day.

It can be as simple as having an Individual Activity (thinking about what Listening means for you, reading a book on Listening, listening to a spoken podcast or to music, go out and listen to Nature, taking an assessment on your Listening behaviors, counting the number of time you listen or are listened to during this day…) or a Group Activity in a Personal, Educational or Professional context.

Some events people hosted or participated in :

Margarete Imhof, Mainz, Germany / Tuula Riitta Välikoski, Finland / Teruko Akita, Japan / Mohammed Alnughaimish, Kuwait / Teresa and Vincent Hanlon, Lethbridge Canada / Kathy O’Brien, Singapour / Avi Kluger, Israel / Saba Imru-Mathieu / Leaders Today, Geneva, Switzerland / Helen Meldrum, Bentley University, Boston, MA, USA / Annie Rappeport and Andrew Wolvin, University of Maryland, USA / Sheila Bentley, Collierville, TN, USA / Sardool Singh, India / Avinash Choudhari, India / Raffaela Tanner, Basel, Switzerland / Elaine O’Mullane, Dublin, Ireland / Tamsin Hartley, Hull, UK / Raquel Ark, Solingen, Germany / Rainer Bach, Prague, Czech Republic / David King, Millenium Park, Chicago, USA and more…


…and of course, all our Partners will do something for this special Day!

We would really appreciate your active contribution in participating to an event, host one or help us with your special talent.

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We’ll gladly help you to achieve what you’re intending to do.


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