On behalf of the IDL 2018 Team, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for participating in this 3rd version of the ILA International Day of Listening by helping us preparing it, attending an event or organizing one and helping us spread the information in all sorts of ways.

We made a difference!

Jean Francois Mathieu
Chair of IDL 2018

Now that the International Day of Listening 2018 is over, let’s share with the rest of the world all the joys and difficulties we encountered to be compassionate and effective listeners all along this special Day.
Please continue to share with us all your impressions, pictures and videos… as well as beautiful and moving stories.

Some of these are on the IDL website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and everywhere people used #DayofListening #InternationalDayofListening or #IntListening

We plan to publish all the material you created before, during and after the #DayofListening as a basis for further exchanges and discussions. We, and anyone, can learn so much from this material, we don’t want it to be buried or wasted.

On this solid foundation, let’s build the 4th ILA International Day of Listening together!

A very special date!