some IDL 2018 Events in the world

updated as we go along

More than three hundred people were committed to participate or plan an event!
Many more ave been reached and have understood the importance, the joys and the challenges of being a compassionate and effective listener.
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Sherry Wein, New Jersey USA

Monmouth University

Department of Communication CO 509 Communication, Culture, and Community class.
The Corporate & Public Communication Grad Program.

“I celebrated International Day of Listening on September 20, 2018 by listening to students in Dr. Deanna Shoemaker’s CO 210 Voice and Diction class tell stories of their lives. Just for fun and to learn more about our students!

They practiced listening for two minutes without interruption as their partners talked about educational biographies and privilege.”

Mary P. Lahman, North Manchester, IN, USA

Manchester University students in a Listening class will be providing Free Listening on International Listening Day! The University will use social media to share this. Manchester is a partner of the International Listening Association. Former ILA president, Kent Zimmerman, is a 1974 MU grad.

Marcel Van De Hoef, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

To honor #dayoflistening, I reflected on the listening principles that I hope to apply in each meeting. I say ‘hope’ because I don’t always succeed. Listening requires constant practice and commitment. It starts with awareness.

Kathy O’Brien, Singapore

In celebration for International Day of Listening we’ll start our day with a Listening Hour at 9am Singapore time on Thursday 20th September. A challenge to friends in other time zones: who will start before us?

Find also a welcome video on LinkedIn and other videos on Listening by Red Shoe Communications.

Edie Cole, Naples FL, USA

I told about the International Day of Listening, passed out the Ten Listening Tips, told of the theme for this year and gave them the word game, and some quotations on listening to 12 members of a Bible Study group at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Naples Fl. During our study, listening kept being mentioned.

They liked my quotation -The hallmark of life- “If you care enough to give your very best – LISTEN.”

Jennifer Romig, Greater Atlanta area, USA

BLOG Today, September 20, 2018, is the International Day of Listening.

The theme this year is “Listening—even when you disagree.” Personal activities you can do to observe the International Day of Listening are suggested on the International Day of Listening website. Legal professionals who have 30 minutes at lunch may want to talk to a trusted colleague about their effectiveness as a listener. Or take 20 minutes for a meditative listening walk.

Ingrid Larik & Anne Billen, Antwerp, Belgium

“Emagine-You-Center, Paardenmarkt 65 Antwerp, Belgium. We are kicking-off our joint project 2BeFutureFit and during this evening, we will offer a combination of inspiration and generative listening. It’s a small event but: “”take little steps and aim high.” The event is in Dutch…”

How it went:

Our ‘tastery’ was a bit long but the attention span of people was great… with many moments of deep listening… we used Two film fragments (trailer of Albatross and a short video of Jeremy Rifkin). I also read a poem about pilgrims. We invited people to talk about their feelings and reflections, with a talking stick in hand, the others only listened. Ni discussion between people. It was fulfilling.

Carole Benton, Warrensburg, MO, USA

Communication Studies – University of Central Missouri.

20 students in my University-level “Improving Listening Abilities” just participated in a “Listening Café” ! Thank you for all of the helpful ideas for staying open to and engaged with others even when we disagree.

Can’t make it but still want to participate in this day of listening?

Text, Talk, Revive Civility – Gather a few friends, pull out your cell phone, and text CIVILITY to 89800 (try it now!). Your group will receive a series of text messages to guide you through a conversation on civility: what it is, what it looks like in conversations, what it means to the people in your group, and how you can help revive civility in our politics and everyday lives.

TED Talk Playlist – Talks to help you be a better listener. Click here

Helen Meldrum, Bentley University Waltham MA, USA

Bentley Brave Conversation Café

Join with people all over the World as we celebrate the power of listening.

September 20th, 2018 2:10 – 3:25pm LaCava 305AB

Facilitators will guide participants in interactive exercises and conversation designed to increase our ability to engage in active listening. The experience will give you the opportunity to explore your own views while learning about the different perspectives held by others in the community. Be Bentley Brave, sign up today. Please R.S.V.P. using this link.

Katherine Lampley
Executive Director, Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Krishna Naineni, Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, India

Dialogue about addressing communication challenges in the health organisation.
Glocal Academy is sponsoring the event in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, India. We are using Discussing issues by Michael Purdy template
We will share the discussing by uploading it onto social media/you tube. We will also do video in Indian languages, poem, translations in Hindi and Telugu.

Corine Jansen and Irene Göttgens, Grand Theatre Boekhandel, Breda, The Netherlands

On September 20, music movies, speakers and a World Café. Creator of the September listening month in The Netherlands (Nederland luistert). Initiator of a video montage where many people welcome the world to the IDL.
Initiator of the creation of a song dedicated to Listening composed by Maj Rachel & Loes Wouterson.

Jean Francois Mathieu, Geneva, Switzerland

will be listening the whole Day to answer questions about IDL, IDL events (English, French). Feedback coordination on Internet spaces (SocMed, website…)

Dana Dupuis, Bolder, CO, USA.

We at ECHO listening Intelligence (formerly BRIO Enterprise) would love to participate in International Day of Listening by offering free ECHO Listening Profiles to anyone who would like to take our assessment. Participants can access the assessment through this link: and use the promo code Listen2018 to receive their complimentary profile immediately.

Jennie Grau, Lansing, MI, USA

Allen Neighborhood Center Celebrates International Day of Listening
Tomatoes, corn, cucumbers and listening? Why not?
I set up one community based listening event (Listening at the Farm) and am waiting to hear back on a second more business focused event in Lansing MI to celebrate. Stop by the Allen Farmers Market on September 19th between 4:30 and 6:30 PM to GIVE or GET some free listening.

David King, Chicago, USA

If you’re in Chicago on Thursday, September 20, please consider joining us in Millenium Park any time between 3 and 7 p.m. for a Free Listening event. If you’re interested in participating, for however short an amount of time, drop a line to David King at so we can coordinate with you and so we know how many signs to make.

Teresa Hanlon, Calgary Alberta, Canada.

This weekend about 60 spiritual directors from Alberta, Canada and elsewhere will gather for a retreat in Calgary. Spiritual directors are companions trained to listen to the stories of people’s lives. Teresa will put out a poster on an information table advertising the International Day of Listening. She will also propose to her peers to stand outside in twos with cardboard signs “Free Listening” during the noon hour in Lethbridge.

Philip Tirpak, Annandale, VA, USA

“Absolutely, my classes will participate and I am working on putting together an event on my campus at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA)”

Anita Dorczak, Edmonton, Canada

Will pursue the project of IDL observance by United Nations. Will conduct a webinar on September 14 on “Listen-even when you disagree”.


Tamsin Hartley, Hull, UK

I plan to do some Free Listening in Hull with friends on the 20th Sept. I’ll send plenty of photos and share anything that you do on social media around the event.

Richard D. Halley, Milledgeville, Georgia, USA

I did a video on difficult conversations. Personal story. I will use it to have discussions with my students around this video.

Please feel free to use this video to prompt discussions that you might want to start. If you would like to make a comment or ask a question, please go to our blog site Click on the small menu salons (above the large graphic that says salons). Now scroll down to where you will see my video again and click on the title below. That will take you to a page where there is a comment space below.

Raquel Ark, Bonn, Germany

“Cross-generational listening. We will do a listening LAB on “Listening Organizations”.
A listening circle building upon each other’s thoughts, insights and questions hopefully harvesting rich ideas that could be a catalyst towards concrete actions. Maybe we will run a local listening lab too.”

Elaine O’Mullane, Dublin, Ireland

I’ve arranged to give the presentation I gave at the Dublin Convention on Thursday 20th September. The title of the presentation is ‘Care don’t Carry: The Art of Responsible Listening’. The lunchtime presentation will be in the Trinity Lecture Theatre, Trinity Centre, Tallaght University Hospital at 13.00hrs. I plan to get the event mentioned in the hospital newsletter and admission will be open to all.

Rich West Boston, MA, USA

I’m planning on several student groups discussing President Trump’s “value” to the country and around the globe. The listening challenges will be plentiful! Will keep you posted and get pictures for the day.

As a professor in one of the most progressive institutions in the country and in the “bluest” of “blue states,” I find that entertaining alternative (aka: conservative) views to progressive thoughts are difficult for the students. To that end, I’ve dedicated my classes to listening/watching several YouTube videos that are snapshots of conservative views on controversial subjects. Students will be required to submit a reaction paper about how challenging it was to listen to contrary points of view and what listening skill set they’ve acquired as a result of the activity.

Sheila Bentley, Collierville, TN, USA

Our book club will be discussing a controversial issue, but everyone has to come prepared to present the views of the other side first. After we have heard the input, everyone can discuss further from their own views. This should help us understand the issue from the other side.

Rainer Bach, Prague, Czech Republic

The ListeningProjectManager group is created on the occasion of the International Day of Listening 2018. The objective of the group is to  provide a common place for professionals in the same industry in which knowledge and experiences on the import of active listening will get shared. I will address 100 regional project managers in a personalized email hoping this campaign to turn into a catalyst for a globally growing community of professionals that apply and promote listening in their field of project management.

Kent Zimmerman, Dayton OH, USA

Sinclair College Professors David Bodary, Rob Leonard, Kent Zimmerman and Julie McDaniel are facilitating two campus-wide sessions on the International Day of Listening.

The first session will give an overview of listening and share tips on how to sharpen one’s interaction skills. The second session will provide selected international students a forum to share their stories on their experiences, challenges and opportunities in a new land.

We are looking forward to being a part of a world-wide celebration.

Kae Van Engen, Sioux Center, IA, USA

My “event” will be: I will be working with my students that day to be intentional about listening, they will have an exercise to complete prior to class and we will spend some time debriefing it which will encourage them to pay attention to how they listen, why they listen etc.
So we will see what the outcome is!
My students are from Barbados, US and Canada.

Avraham “Avi” Kluger, Jerusalem, Israel

will be writing books, articles, working hard on completing meta-analyses of anything known about listening. Please have a read at “The power of listening in helping people change” Many other publications also at this page

Maj Rachel & Loes Wouterson (daughter and mother), Breda, The Netherlands.

World premiere of a song dedicated to listening! They have composed a song dedicated to listening to be released especially on the International Day of Listening Listen to the promo of “Being Truly There” on Soundcloud

Raffaela Tanner, Basel, Switzerland

I will open my coaching room for a Listening Café or dialogue space in the evening.

Susan Timm, Elgin, IL, USA

“That evening at my college (Elgin Community College), we are hosting a community discussion. I am going to provide information about the International Day of Listening at the beginning and provide contact information for anyone wanting to know more about this important life skill.”

“Prepared an IDL Countdown we can post every week and on the Day. In all five of my classes, I am going to have students post in various social media sites something related to listening and how it relates to them using the hashtags #InternationalDayofListening and #dayoflistening.

In addition, that evening at my college (Elgin Community College), we are hosting a community discussion. I am going to provide information about the International Day of Listening at the beginning and provide contact information for anyone wanting to know more about this important life skill. Today, to celebrate the International Day of Listening.

Students in my Introduction to Computers class wrote about how technology is impacting listening in society.

Following are what they had to say. Their comments have not been edited.”

Deborah Leiter, Platteville WI, USA.

Deborah will host Int’l Day of Listening Online Café by Assertive Spirituality, Online Listening Café from 7-9 p.m. (Central Time)

Julia Van de Griendt, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Free listening in Tilburg with colleagues from Nederland in Dialoog. I’m opening a one-day pop-up listening store “Luisterwinkel” in the centre of Tilburg.

Lori Joubert, Seattle, WA, USA.

Lori will set up a session in healthcare context with doctors, listening to the heartbeats of each other through stethoscope and have discussions on how well we listen to each other. Another time in a meeting explain the principles of effective listening. Program Coordinator, Cardiology Division, University of Washington.

Sandra Bodin Lerner, New Jersey, USA.

Sandra and her students at Kean University are already thinking for next year. They will be assigned to do a video listening tip. Those who speak other languages will be asked to do that too. They plan to have some material ready around the second half of the semester (around November) when the students know a bit about listening and can better articulate about a specific skill.

Natacha Perriard, Canada/Switzerland

Vive l’écoute ! Ce jour je m’observerai et cultiverai mon écoute, et méditerai sur ces citations

Melissa Beall, IA, USA.

Two presentations on Listening. Shall make a presentation at the Iowa Credit Union Conference and at the Iowa Communication Association Convention on September 21 and 22.

Tuula-Riitta Valikoski, Joensuu, Finland.

Social media craze! At University of Eastern Finland, we will like, tweet and send photos and greetings! We’ll use hashtag #InternationalDayofListening and of course address all posts to @IntListening

Laura Janusik, Kansas City, MO, USA

I’ll be hosting a Listening Café and having my students engage in free listening with students at the YMCA. My students at Rockhurst Uni prepared a 20-day Twitter Countdown for IDL.

Pamela Cooper Hoel, Beaufort, SC, USA

I will be on a panel of cancer survivors discussing the impact effective listening (by all parties involved) has on a cancer patient’s emotional as well as physical healing. This is for a health communication class at the University of South Carolina Beaufort.