IDL 2019 Committee


Jean Francois Mathieu (France – Switzerland) – Chair of IDL 2018-2019, general coordination

  • Music composer, Listening Culture Designer of Leaders Today / Geneva, Switzerland
  • +41 79 831 18 57 / info @


Sheila C. Bentley (U.S.A.) – Sponsoring, Media (Chair of IDL 2016-2017)

  • Consultant, Bentley Consulting
  • +1 901-210-7053 / bentleysc @


Anita Dorczak Ph.D., M.A., LL.B., PC, Cert.EM, CLP (CAN) – Direct link with the International Listening Association

  • ILA President
  • Phone +1 780-424-1212 / ADorczak @ DrAnita.Lawyer

International Listening Association (ILA)


We need you!

Let us know how you would participate in our next chapter ! (see list below)

In Human Resources and Financial Resources we need several persons in the following teams. It can go from leading a team (general coordination and search for helpers) or accomplishing a small task according to the time you have.

Admin (prepare the material for local organizers, including guides and templates, translations) Type, proof-read and send messages, format documents (guides, translations) with text, logos…,
Graphics (logos, posters, flyers, pictures for social media) Revamp the logo and create different size and resolutions for various situations, find interesting pictures around this year’s theme, create posters and flyers…
Video (create content, filming, editing, posting, give or participate in a webinar)
Audio (content recording, editing, posting)
Website (create structure, insert content, updates, participants blog)
Marketing (advertising, friendships)
Imagine and create material for various SocMed platforms and website, create links with every structure related to listening,  find interesting articles, inspire people to participate
Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and corresponding analytics) Post articles, drive people to our spaces and website, make new contacts…
Public relations (real or online press releases, TV appearances) Find and contact media to send our material, press releases…
Sponsoring (private funds, crowdfunding, donations) Find people wanting to help the IDL financially