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As you listen to the selections here, think about your reaction to these recordings. What thoughts do they promote? Note the emotions the selections give rise to. What is it about the selection that causes these reactions? What lasting impressions do you have of the selection?

Ek Pal Rahat Ka, Hindi Poem


This poem is about how we should live in the present and enjoy the gift’s which are given to us. This piece focuses on how we can learn to give up cribbing and love what we have in the moment. 2020 is being a year where corona virus has made us realize a lot of things and keeping in mind how grateful we are is a source for a happy us. Learn that you are not just a survivor but a champion. Think with the champ’s cap on and take a perspective on how your champion self will deal with the situation. We tend to build self expectations and when we are unable to fulfil them due to any circumstance, we do feel bad and it is natural to feel so. Don’t punish yourself for the un-fulfilment rather help yourself to stand up and find ways to complete and accomplish the task.

Be your own guide and mentor. Learn from your past and let it go in a way that it does not haunt you but teaches you something fruitful.

The choice is yours the lessons are yours; Go on build a better version while loving the growth and who you are today.

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