Other IDL Events Around You

Kathy O'Brien


A Listening Dinner Party. Friends who agree on a current affairs topic will listen to a friend with a diametrically opposing view. We are nervous, curious, hopeful, uncertain and excited. We know we’ll learn from this!

Margarete Imhof


What’s the next step towards researching listening with empathy?

Sheila C Bentley

United States of America

Zoom Meeting with heavy audience participation

Corine Jansen


Listen Courageously is a virtual experience designed to make people more aware of their listening blocks and better able to engage in heart-centered conversations that leads to understanding. With a special screening of the award-winning feature documentary, LIST(e)N.

Anisha Agarwal


Beauty and the Beast- Activity 1 Identify an emotion by sharing emotions the participants experienced during the pandemic and then comparing contrasting different ways of managing emotions. Activity2- Listening with empathy- practising listening for both facts and feelings Activity3- Practising listening with empathy Activity4 Responding with empathy in another session. Closing statement- 4pics 1 word game to acknowledge power of connections and practising listening with empathy on a daily basis.

Cynthia Hazel

United States of America

I will be presenting an interactive virtual session with graduate school psychology students about listening with empathy. As part of that, students will plan their own empathic listening activity to take their learning beyond our session.

Tejaswini Lohokare


Listening with empathy activity with 2 parts: first identifying the emotions and then listening to emotions.

Jayraj Kamalkant Patel


Read the poem carefully and give my opinion on it.

Kim Gile

United States

Weaving Community Chat: we meet via zoom to discuss belonging during Welcome Week, all are welcome



In this activity a zoom meeting would be conducted with 5 participants , I will hold a poster in my hand stating “FREE LISTENING”. Which means that I will be present with an intent to pay attention.In simple words it means I am available to listen if they would like to talk—no charge, no gimmicks, no hidden agenda.At the end I would summarize what I have listened to , in the summary I will reflect upon the emotions as well as the facts.. After the meeting I will make a report on the parametershow people felt when you listened to them. How did they react? Think about how well you did as a listener. What could you do better in the future?

Victor Pierau-Schoeber


At the 17th of September I will publish my book “Leadership in Listening” in the English language. In this book I describe 7 levels of listening. Empathic listening is the middle level of those seven levels. At the 17th of september I will hand over the first copy to scientists researching my training at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Next a chairman of the United Nations will receive and unpack the book. The UN encourages me to spread the word of listening around the world and they are willing to help with that. From there the book starts a journey across the globe. In the subsequent weeks the book will be unpacked on zoom by someone anywhere at the world. The unpackers are CEO’s from big companies, professors in the field of listening, politicians and so on. I’ll ask that person a few questions about listening. And they will give their vision of how they practice leadership in listening and how (empathic) listening can make the world a better place.

Gary Morris


Listening with Empathy discussion of Our Community Listens Podcasts

Dr. Richard D. Halley


This video shares practical things you can do to increase your capacity to understand others when you are listening to them. They do take some effort. You can send questions to rhalley@weber.edu
For those who viewed the video
Join Zoom Meeting at 9/19/20. 9:00 am US.  EDT
Meeting ID: 856 0771 5056
Passcode: 5tV4NE

Peter Forbes

Crowthorne UK

To improve listening with empathy to a bullied teenager. Identify the emotions and their intensity caused by bullying . The aim is to have 2/3 sessions week beginning September 14. No shoes, welcome mat, watch for non verbal clues, listen before responding

Glocal Academy


Topic: Listen with empathy. Interactive session with International Training Fellows (Doctors) and Nurses. We will be focussing on foundational and specific principles taking culture into account.

Jugal Bhatt


I am conducting an event on listening with empathy. I am going give tasks to my group members to write a report on how they managed to listen with empathy.

Arushi Sekhri


I am conducting an event on listening with empathy. I am going give tasks to my group members to write a report on how they managed to listen with empathy.

Swati Thakur


Listening with empathy. Learn to listen….Listen to learn. A group activity where everyone shares their experiences of last one month in a given time. No one will interrupt the speaker while he/she is speaking. Other members of the group will listen actively. At the end everyone will reflect on what they listened and how they feel when they are speaking and when they are listening.